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MGM Resorts Sued over Cyberattack


That didn’t take long at all. Just over two weeks after it was the victim of a cybersecurity attack, a class action has been filed against MGM Resorts alleging that the Las Vegas behemoth failed to adequately secure its computer systems from a hacker attack that compromised its systems and exposed customer information. The class action, filed on behalf of MGM customers whose personally identifying information was compromised, alleges that MGM’s IT vendor had warned the company about the threat of a social engineering attack that, unfortunately, MGM did not heed. Time will tell whether the lawsuit is ultimately successful. But, either way, the episode should function as a reminder to businesses of all sizes to ensure that they have cybersecurity insurance policies in place and that employees are properly trained and consistently follow established procedures to guard against inevitable attacks.

The case is Kirwan v. MGM Resorts International, No. 2:23-cv-1481 (D. Nev.)

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