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Help with Business Interruption Insurance Claims for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19


All of us at Jaszczuk PC feel for those most severely impacted by Covid-19. We cannot do what the incredible, dedicated health care workers of our country are doing to save lives and ease the suffering of the stricken. But where the impact of the virus has included financial damage, we may be able to help. Many American businesses may not be aware that their insurance policies could provide relief for such things as lost revenue and payroll expense. We are all waiting and watching to see what assistance Congress can supply, but businesses can help themselves by doing a review of their insurance portfolios. For those without the expertise to understand the policy terms, your agent or broker can probably help. We here at Jaszczuk have several lawyers who can also provide assistance. At no cost to you, we will review your relevant policies, particularly any that provide business interruption coverage, and give you an indication of whether it is worth submitting a claim to your carrier. If you encounter resistance from the insurer, we can provide you affordable, effective representation to help you get the coverage to which you are entitled. For a description of the types of policies and issues that should be of interest to you, please see the opening page of this website under the heading Covid-19 Coronavirus Claims. And watch this space in the coming days and weeks—we will try to keep you informed of significant developments in this area. If you have any questions, call our special hotline number—520-INS-HELP (520-467-4357)—and we will do our best to give you whatever assistance we can.

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