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We strive every day to cultivate a vibrant, diverse, “open door” culture, where our attorneys and staff work cooperatively toward a common goal of client service – without the interference of egos or self-importance. We pride ourselves in the results-oriented atmosphere we have created, where our team members consistently work to support each other professionally and personally, with respect and fairness for (and encouragement of) divergent viewpoints and how we approach solutions for our clients. We collaborate with our clients to understand not just their legal needs, but their business objectives as well, so that we can genuinely work together to find effective and efficient solutions to their needs, often preventing issues from becoming problems.


Because we work toward successful outcomes for our clients, we provide our attorneys maximum flexibility to work where and when they are most productive, and ensure use of the latest technology for secure remote and mobile access and practice management.

Stellar Work Product

Success is the sum of all details. We are committed to understanding your case at the highest levels and in the weeds of details to create persuasive narratives.


  • Team Culture - Our strong teams turn vision into reality. Hiring the right people is only the first step, focusing them on efficient steps to advance your case is the core of our mission.
  • Boutique Nature - Our size facilitates a nimble and responsive culture focused on client service and allows us to handle your case on terms that make sense for you. Billable hours are not our preferred metric - satisfied clients are.
  • Diversity and Inclusive Workplace - We value diversity at every level, and strive every day to create a culture of respect, courtesy and inclusion to ensure we attract and retain the best professionals.

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