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1. TCPA Class Action Defense
2. Insurance Recovery
3. Media Transparency

"There are no points for second place"

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1. TCPA Class Action Defense

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2. Insurance Recovery Litigation

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3. Media Transparency

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4. Everything Else

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About Us

Our team prides itself on its useless movie knowledge, Top Gun taking up most of that knowledge.

The combined annual revenues of our clients. We take pride in representing some of the country’s biggest Fortune 500 companies.

Excellent is not good enough. Work product must be stellar. But why not have some laughs during the journey? We make an effort to work and play together, and believe the balance is important.

We all spent many years at giant law firms. We just found a better way to service clients.

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    Hardcore Top Gun Fans

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    Billion Dollars

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    Attorneys who take themselves way too seriously

  • 100%

    Attorneys who come from "Big Law"

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